During the Holidays we all remember to look at the world and our lives with a different point of view. To some it brings happiness, joy and a sense of anticipation , to others it may bring sorrow and a sense of loss and grief.
To me it brings joy and anticipation in the promise of eternal life in my Lord Jesus Christ and faith and love in my friends and family in the community in which I live.
I live in Salina Utah, and have many more friends and family than I ever imagined. On Oct. 19 of this year my home caught fire and was totally destroyed. I lost a little dog in the fire, all my possesions and almost lost my life. Salina Fire Dept. , and EMS responded quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately were unable to save my home. I was transported to Gunnison Valley hospital, where they were quick to lifeflight me to UVRMC where I remained in ICU for 3 1/2 weeks.
During the time I was in the hospital I was unaware of what was taking place in Salina. The volunteers from Salina Fire Dept. , along with many other volunteers in the community, helped my son clear off the debri from my home and clear the lot to ready it for rebuilding. Many people in the community called , and contacted personaly my family to see in what way they could help. Many friends and acquaintances kept vigil over me as I lay unaware in ICU.
During my hospital stay, I received excellent loving care from al the nurses and staff at UVRMC.
At home in Salina , I had no idea how many people had come together to show such an out pouring of genuine love and support for me and my family. Donations of all kinds, raffles, and a yard sale ( which all items for sale had been donated by the community) by my church Faith Baptist which was attended by many friends, family, and acquaintances who showed up and verbalized such love and concern for me.
As now I am recovering, and receiving rehabilation at Sonehege In Richfield, I reflect on the wonderful care I am receiving here, and thank God for all the many blessings He has bestowed on me.
Thank You seems such small words, but they are the biggest words possible for all of you. For all of you who have given of your kindness, those of you who have shown love, and for those of you who have given money to help me get back on my feet and back in my home . To those of you who have given of your time, and to those of you who have written notes of encouragement. To those of you who continue to help in days to come. I pray to God to bestow Blessings on you and His Grace
as you have given to me.

Maxine Monroe


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