Good howdy good people,

I am Stefan, your new Redmond councilman.  I gave three campaign speeches to three people.   They were nearly identical.  They were, vote for the other guy.  Trouble is, there wasn’t another guy.

I got into office by default, not by mandate.

Because I wasn’t at a meeting to refuse the appointment, I am also the animal problem buck stopper, and sit on the park and rec committee.

Since I have no children, and have neighbors whose children do use the facilities, I have asked a couple of these kids to report what they like and don’t.

I have had three dos attack that killed my chickens, a dog escaped from a yard to try and bit me while I rode my bike past, and regular complaints about free roaming dogs that regularly get into neighbors’ trash, provide free fertilization of yards, bark, and other issues.

We have leash laws and licensing requirements.

On the second Wednesday in January, I will be sworn in.  After the swearing in I will propose we either enforce the existing laws or repeal them.

This is a contentious issue.  We live in Redmond because in small towns we tend to look the other way, and are supposed to be more tolerant.

My job is to do what is most beneficial to the town.  Without your input, I am inclined to enforce the existing laws.

I have no particular inclination to give out my phone number, but the wife said you need a way to contact me, so courtesy of gmail, I am

This will be checked at the Salina library 3-4 days before each council meeting.  Comments, suggestions, hate mail, and good jokes can be sent to me there.

See you then. Thank you,


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