Michelle Holt FamilyJay Holt has been fighting cancer for several years. He has done everything possible to attain a cure but in the end he is losing his fight with cancer. His wife and family are rallying around him and are doing everything they can to help and comfort each other. This is a time the family will never forget and it needs to be a time when they are together and not worrying about anything but being together. Michelle is a teacher at the NorthSevierMiddle School and has had to take a lot of personal time off and has used up most of her leave days. She needs our help to be able to stay home and not worry about what she will do to pay the bills tomorrow.

There is an account set up at Zions bank in Salina and Richfield where you can make donations to help assure that Jay and Michelle’s last few days together are more peaceful and worry free.

They appreciate your kindness and generosity and will forever be grateful.

Friends of Jay and Michelle Holt

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