Dear Editor,


Last Thursday, October 6th, in Sevier County there were two car accidents. Each of these accidents had something in common — Distracted Driving. One accident occurred as the driver was looking at the beautiful scenery in our valley. The other driver wasn’t paying attention to a vehicle that was stopped in front of him waiting to make a left-hand turn. This behavior led to serious consequences in both accidents. These types of accidents are preventable if the drivers would simply give their full attention to driving.

Our days are full of things to think about and do. It is very important to remind ourselves when we get behind the wheel of a car that our only priority is to drive safely by removing all distractions. Remember the next time you get in the car your first move should always be to “Buckle Up.” The seat belt is our best friend to prevent accidents like this from happening.




Peyton Torgerson


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