Letter to the editor

As an athlete at North Sevier High School, I have been exposed to several different communities as I travel from school to school to compete. Every sport has a fan base of parents, students, and adults who simply have a love for the game. However, very few schools have fans as loud and energetic as ours are. I firmly believe that these fans deserve recognition for their support for North Sevier athletics.

Our teams have had huge achievements last year, including placing second in both basketball and baseball. This is pretty spectacular coming from one of the smallest schools in the 2A division. Peyton Torgerson, a fellow student and athlete, said something along the lines of this: “It was tough when we didn’t take that final win, but I don’t know if we could’ve accomplished what we did without everyone supporting us come game day.” I strongly feel like that statement applies to our baseball season. We had an extremely talented team. That talent grew through the support of our community, because it pushed us to improve ourselves so that we could perform well for those who came to our games.

Throughout 2016’s football season, we have shown massive improvement. In previous years, our football program has been on a rough path. Through those dark days where little success was found, our community still drowned out other schools in cheering for us, even at away games. While our record may not show it, we are significantly better than in years past. Our defense has recently been ranked third in the state, and much of the credit goes to those in our community who are behind us on Friday nights.

Being one of many wearing North Sevier emblems, I am eternally grateful to our community. I want them to know that it means the world to us athletes for their support. Thank you!

-Alex Hales


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