Making a Difference

From a concerned high school football staff and former alumni,

Mothers, fathers, athletes, students, teachers, ward members and everybody in the North Sevier community… We need your help!!! We need your help now more than ever to encourage our high school students and youth to participate and be part of something bigger than themselves. We need your help in providing kids with an opportunity to become better people, hard workers, leaders, future husbands and fathers. We need your help to try and make a difference in your youth’s lives! Because ultimately that is what matters most. Making a difference.

North Sevier Football for a lot of years has had its ups and downs. But one thing that has stayed consistent is the love and passion (from current and former coaches) for your young men! We speak for all coaches out there! We love your young men and women! We also have a love and passion for the game of football. Not only because we love the sport in general, but we love what it can do for our student athletes. It teaches your sons the value of hard work. It creates friendships that will be cherished throughout their entire lives. It teaches your sons the value of teamwork and working with others. We know this because we have seen it! We know this because we have had the opportunity to play high school football!

Our student athletes only have a few short years to take advantage of this opportunity called football… And we want everybody to take advantage… In a small community like the one we live in, that is what it takes! Everybody! Nobody is too small or too big, too fast or too slow.

We. Need. Everybody.

Our staff has been and will continue to do everything we can to make football safe, fun and exciting. New jerseys have been purchased for this upcoming season as well as painted navy blue helmets. A new sound system has been installed in our football stadium. A future announcement is to be made concerning another amazing addition to our stadium as well! Our facilities are well taken care of and maintained thanks to the hard work of Rob Karren. We’d like to thank NSHS Principal Jade Shepherd and our Rec Director, Brady Edwards, for all of their help and support in our goal for change. We, as a community, have a lot to be proud of and we want to share it with everybody!

If you’re a student at North Sevier and reading this. We need you! We welcome everyone who wants to join us with open arms! We want to create a better culture. A winning culture. We want to create something everyone can be proud of. We promise that years down the road you WILL NOT regret your decision to strap on your helmets and play under Friday night lights. Please, don’t pass this up!

If you’re a parent of a potential football player… all we can ask for is your support and encouragement. We are dedicated, at all levels (High School and Middle School), to making this football experience one of the best experiences they will ever have while at North Sevier. We want them to be a part of the change! As coach Lindley would say, “Football. Is. Hard.”  It takes dedication and discipline to be a football player. That is why it is so unique. The rewards are countless.

We are excited about this upcoming football season. We have six home games scheduled this year! Football starts July 31st at 6:45 A.M. You can contact us by email at Can’t wait to see you there!


Testimonials from former North Sevier Football players

Oakley Mason – A junior on the 2008 State Championship Football Team:

“The greatest friendships I have were developed because of football… Even though a lot of the juniors didn’t get a chance to play much in the state game… we never felt like the championship was less ours… We knew we were the ones pushing each other in practice where it really mattered.”

Joshua Bates – A senior and 1st team all-state LB/RB on the 2008 State Championship Football Team:

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience to gain lifelong friends and memories. To push yourself physically and mentally as a young adult. You figure out what your made of inside. Plus, it teaches respect loyalty and trust and that’s not even mention the hitting tackling and competition that is football. It’s just a blast! Some of the best years of my life!!”

Evan Pettit – A senior and 1st team all-state OT/DE on the 2008 State Championship Football Team

“Going in as a freshman I was skeptical about the years to come with the lack of success that the years before me had. However, I was optimistic about the journey to come and it payed off… The football program did much more for me then I ever thought it did. Football kept me in school, it gave me a goal to finish high school. To move on to college to get that college degree… There is much more to this football program than its past year’s records. You joined a Family of those who have played in the past… I will always bleed Blue and Crimson, Go Wolves!”



Thank you

North Sevier Football coaching staff & Alumni


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