Monday, July 24th, 2017

Making a Difference

From a concerned high school football staff and former alumni,

Mothers, fathers, athletes, students, teachers, ward members and everybody in the North Sevier community… We need your help!!! We need your help now more than ever to encourage our high school students and youth to participate and be part of something bigger than themselves. We need your help in providing kids with an opportunity to become better people, hard workers, leaders, future husbands and fathers. We need your help to try and make a difference in your youth’s lives! Because ultimately that is what matters most. Making a difference.

North Sevier Football for a lot of years has had its ups and downs. But one thing that has stayed consistent is the love and passion (from current and former coaches) for your young men! We speak for all coaches out there! We love your young men and women! We also have a love and passion for the game of football. Not only because we love the sport in general, but we love what it can do for our student athletes. It teaches your sons the value of hard work. It creates friendships that will be cherished throughout their entire lives. It teaches your sons the value of teamwork and working with others. We know this because we have seen it! We know this because we have had the opportunity to play high school football!

Our student athletes only have a few short years to take advantage of this opportunity called football… And we want everybody to take advantage… In a small community like the one we live in, that is what it takes! Everybody! Nobody is too small or too big, too fast or too slow.

We. Need. Everybody.

Our staff has been and will continue to do everything we can to make football safe, fun and exciting. New jerseys have been purchased for this upcoming season as well as painted navy blue helmets. A new sound system has been installed in our football stadium. A future announcement is to be made concerning another amazing addition to our stadium as well! Our facilities are well taken care of and maintained thanks to the hard work of Rob Karren. We’d like to thank NSHS Principal Jade Shepherd and our Rec Director, Brady Edwards, for all of their help and support in our goal for change. We, as a community, have a lot to be proud of and we want to share it with everybody!

If you’re a student at North Sevier and reading this. We need you! We welcome everyone who wants to join us with open arms! We want to create a better culture. A winning culture. We want to create something everyone can be proud of. We promise that years down the road you WILL NOT regret your decision to strap on your helmets and play under Friday night lights. Please, don’t pass this up!

If you’re a parent of a potential football player… all we can ask for is your support and encouragement. We are dedicated, at all levels (High School and Middle School), to making this football experience one of the best experiences they will ever have while at North Sevier. We want them to be a part of the change! As coach Lindley would say, “Football. Is. Hard.”  It takes dedication and discipline to be a football player. That is why it is so unique. The rewards are countless.

We are excited about this upcoming football season. We have six home games scheduled this year! Football starts July 31st at 6:45 A.M. You can contact us by email at Can’t wait to see you there!


Testimonials from former North Sevier Football players

Oakley Mason – A junior on the 2008 State Championship Football Team:

“The greatest friendships I have were developed because of football… Even though a lot of the juniors didn’t get a chance to play much in the state game… we never felt like the championship was less ours… We knew we were the ones pushing each other in practice where it really mattered.”

Joshua Bates – A senior and 1st team all-state LB/RB on the 2008 State Championship Football Team:

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience to gain lifelong friends and memories. To push yourself physically and mentally as a young adult. You figure out what your made of inside. Plus, it teaches respect loyalty and trust and that’s not even mention the hitting tackling and competition that is football. It’s just a blast! Some of the best years of my life!!”

Evan Pettit – A senior and 1st team all-state OT/DE on the 2008 State Championship Football Team

“Going in as a freshman I was skeptical about the years to come with the lack of success that the years before me had. However, I was optimistic about the journey to come and it payed off… The football program did much more for me then I ever thought it did. Football kept me in school, it gave me a goal to finish high school. To move on to college to get that college degree… There is much more to this football program than its past year’s records. You joined a Family of those who have played in the past… I will always bleed Blue and Crimson, Go Wolves!”



Thank you

North Sevier Football coaching staff & Alumni


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

I believe strongly that having control about when, where, and with whom you have a child is a big factor in the health of a person as well as their community. Half of pregnancies are unintended, which is unfortunate and avoidable. I want to make sure babies come into this world welcomed by parents that planned to have them, and are ready to raise them. Having a population knowledgeable about birth control is an important step to make sure our families stay healthy and happy. That is why I will be giving a lecture about birth control.

I want to cover the many types of birth control, how they work, how long they last, how to use them, and who you can talk to about getting access to one you may be interested in.

Date: November 16, 2016

Time: 7 pm

Location:  North Sevier Community Center



Garon Coriz MD



Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Letter to the editor

As an athlete at North Sevier High School, I have been exposed to several different communities as I travel from school to school to compete. Every sport has a fan base of parents, students, and adults who simply have a love for the game. However, very few schools have fans as loud and energetic as ours are. I firmly believe that these fans deserve recognition for their support for North Sevier athletics.

Our teams have had huge achievements last year, including placing second in both basketball and baseball. This is pretty spectacular coming from one of the smallest schools in the 2A division. Peyton Torgerson, a fellow student and athlete, said something along the lines of this: “It was tough when we didn’t take that final win, but I don’t know if we could’ve accomplished what we did without everyone supporting us come game day.” I strongly feel like that statement applies to our baseball season. We had an extremely talented team. That talent grew through the support of our community, because it pushed us to improve ourselves so that we could perform well for those who came to our games.

Throughout 2016’s football season, we have shown massive improvement. In previous years, our football program has been on a rough path. Through those dark days where little success was found, our community still drowned out other schools in cheering for us, even at away games. While our record may not show it, we are significantly better than in years past. Our defense has recently been ranked third in the state, and much of the credit goes to those in our community who are behind us on Friday nights.

Being one of many wearing North Sevier emblems, I am eternally grateful to our community. I want them to know that it means the world to us athletes for their support. Thank you!

-Alex Hales


Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Dear Editor,


Last Thursday, October 6th, in Sevier County there were two car accidents. Each of these accidents had something in common — Distracted Driving. One accident occurred as the driver was looking at the beautiful scenery in our valley. The other driver wasn’t paying attention to a vehicle that was stopped in front of him waiting to make a left-hand turn. This behavior led to serious consequences in both accidents. These types of accidents are preventable if the drivers would simply give their full attention to driving.

Our days are full of things to think about and do. It is very important to remind ourselves when we get behind the wheel of a car that our only priority is to drive safely by removing all distractions. Remember the next time you get in the car your first move should always be to “Buckle Up.” The seat belt is our best friend to prevent accidents like this from happening.




Peyton Torgerson


Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Dear Editor,

As a Sterling Scholar and member of National Honor Society, I would like to thank the Board of Directors and interested members of the Salina Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to help volunteer at Coal Days on September 24th, 2016. I would like to acclaim those and the surrounding community volunteers for the superlative job that was done on raising awareness about Coal. It took 3 months of fairly intensive planning and preparations and the event couldn’t have been handled any better. They couldn’t have done it without the combined efforts of the Chamber, Salina City, local businesses committed to this community and the services of community volunteers. The success of this inaugural event was the result of a team effort. Because of the importance that coal raises in our area, we need to make this an annual event for the members in our community.


Shelly Karen Nielsen


Blood Drive

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Blood….a gift for any time of the year.

When someone suffers a major injury or surgery, receiving a transfusion of blood can mean the difference between life and death, and that blood can only come from another human being.  Modern medicine can do some amazing things, but one thing it can’t do is make blood.  The only source of blood for someone in need is from a healthy person who is willing to donate.  Although nearly 40% of Americans could donate blood, only 10% of the population takes the time to donate blood.  Because of this lack of donations, the supply of blood available for those in need is often dangerously low.  Donating blood is a simple act of service that only takes about an hour and is relatively painless.  But in spite of its simplicity, it can save the life of another person.  Donating blood is critical in order for hospitals to have sufficient blood supplies on hand for when people need it.
There will be a blood drive at the Salina Stake Center at 98 West 400 North on January 14th from 1:00 – 7:00.  Please come and give a gift that will cost you only an hour of your time and will be priceless to someone in need.

Neal Bosshardt
Redmond, UT


Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

The office for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is now located in the Richfield courthouse, according to CASA Coordinator Karen Payne.

A national program, CASA trains and supports local citizens to advocate for children in the Juvenile Court system because they have been abused or neglected.  CASA volunteers are appointed by a Guardian ad Litem attorney to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children.  Primary responsibilities include gathering information, finding documents, attending court, monitoring case plans and court orders, and visiting with the child.

Advocates receive 30 hours of training, which is provided free of charge by the program and is ongoing throughout the year.  In exchange, CASAs spend approximately 10 hours per month with their assigned case child, gathering information and reporting to the child’s attorney Guardian ad Litem, who reports the information to the Court.

“We have approximately 80 local children now on our caseload that could benefit from an advocate. If you can pass a criminal background check, are 21 and able to make a commitment to a child for one year, please contact our office at 435-896-2765 or find us at or on Facebook as Utah’s Court Appointed Special Advocates,” said Payne. “We would love to talk to you!”

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Michelle Holt FamilyJay Holt has been fighting cancer for several years. He has done everything possible to attain a cure but in the end he is losing his fight with cancer. His wife and family are rallying around him and are doing everything they can to help and comfort each other. This is a time the family will never forget and it needs to be a time when they are together and not worrying about anything but being together. Michelle is a teacher at the NorthSevierMiddle School and has had to take a lot of personal time off and has used up most of her leave days. She needs our help to be able to stay home and not worry about what she will do to pay the bills tomorrow.

There is an account set up at Zions bank in Salina and Richfield where you can make donations to help assure that Jay and Michelle’s last few days together are more peaceful and worry free.

They appreciate your kindness and generosity and will forever be grateful.

Friends of Jay and Michelle Holt

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Good howdy good people,

I am Stefan, your new Redmond councilman.  I gave three campaign speeches to three people.   They were nearly identical.  They were, vote for the other guy.  Trouble is, there wasn’t another guy.

I got into office by default, not by mandate.

Because I wasn’t at a meeting to refuse the appointment, I am also the animal problem buck stopper, and sit on the park and rec committee.

Since I have no children, and have neighbors whose children do use the facilities, I have asked a couple of these kids to report what they like and don’t.

I have had three dos attack that killed my chickens, a dog escaped from a yard to try and bit me while I rode my bike past, and regular complaints about free roaming dogs that regularly get into neighbors’ trash, provide free fertilization of yards, bark, and other issues.

We have leash laws and licensing requirements.

On the second Wednesday in January, I will be sworn in.  After the swearing in I will propose we either enforce the existing laws or repeal them.

This is a contentious issue.  We live in Redmond because in small towns we tend to look the other way, and are supposed to be more tolerant.

My job is to do what is most beneficial to the town.  Without your input, I am inclined to enforce the existing laws.

I have no particular inclination to give out my phone number, but the wife said you need a way to contact me, so courtesy of gmail, I am

This will be checked at the Salina library 3-4 days before each council meeting.  Comments, suggestions, hate mail, and good jokes can be sent to me there.

See you then. Thank you,


Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


During the Holidays we all remember to look at the world and our lives with a different point of view. To some it brings happiness, joy and a sense of anticipation , to others it may bring sorrow and a sense of loss and grief.
To me it brings joy and anticipation in the promise of eternal life in my Lord Jesus Christ and faith and love in my friends and family in the community in which I live.
I live in Salina Utah, and have many more friends and family than I ever imagined. On Oct. 19 of this year my home caught fire and was totally destroyed. I lost a little dog in the fire, all my possesions and almost lost my life. Salina Fire Dept. , and EMS responded quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately were unable to save my home. I was transported to Gunnison Valley hospital, where they were quick to lifeflight me to UVRMC where I remained in ICU for 3 1/2 weeks.
During the time I was in the hospital I was unaware of what was taking place in Salina. The volunteers from Salina Fire Dept. , along with many other volunteers in the community, helped my son clear off the debri from my home and clear the lot to ready it for rebuilding. Many people in the community called , and contacted personaly my family to see in what way they could help. Many friends and acquaintances kept vigil over me as I lay unaware in ICU.
During my hospital stay, I received excellent loving care from al the nurses and staff at UVRMC.
At home in Salina , I had no idea how many people had come together to show such an out pouring of genuine love and support for me and my family. Donations of all kinds, raffles, and a yard sale ( which all items for sale had been donated by the community) by my church Faith Baptist which was attended by many friends, family, and acquaintances who showed up and verbalized such love and concern for me.
As now I am recovering, and receiving rehabilation at Sonehege In Richfield, I reflect on the wonderful care I am receiving here, and thank God for all the many blessings He has bestowed on me.
Thank You seems such small words, but they are the biggest words possible for all of you. For all of you who have given of your kindness, those of you who have shown love, and for those of you who have given money to help me get back on my feet and back in my home . To those of you who have given of your time, and to those of you who have written notes of encouragement. To those of you who continue to help in days to come. I pray to God to bestow Blessings on you and His Grace
as you have given to me.

Maxine Monroe